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Bio: Squirrels are rodents from the family Scuiridae. This family includes chipmunks, ground squirrels and flying squirrels. Ground and tree squirrel are active during the day and night. Flying squirrels are strictly nocturnal except after the arrival of a new litter when they will have a short period of daytime activity. Squirrels being rodents have teeth that never stop growing and need to gnaw to keep them short. Squirrels are very persistent and intelligent too. Read more about Houston rat removal as well.

Nuisance: Squirrels are cute, cuddly, fluffy and tailed, however they are still rodents who can cause a serious nuisance. Squirrels have adapted to residential life very well and are commonly seen at your birdfeeder. When squirrels enter your attic to make a nest the freeloaders become a pest. They are chewing holes in your fascia, plumbing, vents, and eave gaps. This is the time to call the animal trapping professionals to remove, repair and squirrel proof your house.  Call Wildlife Removal Houston !!

How To Get Squirrels Out Of Your Attic in Houston TX
Sometimes, you have problems that cannot be answered easily such as how to get squirrels out of your attic. This is a big problem that you have to take seriously considering the big damage that squirrels can bring. Being wise and prepared for their attack is far much better than being complacent.

Are squirrels present in many areas? Yes, they are in most part of the western countries. There are many variety of squirrels. The most common one is the tree squirrels. This breed is the popular problem of many homeowners. They inhabit in the ceiling, the roof and the attic that causes foul smell, dirt and damage. You will know if squirrels are residing with you in your home because of the noise they create as they gang along the upper part of your house. Their voices and movements are very audible that could be disturbing. Typically, squirrels live in large numbers in the wild. Every species of squirrels are all capable to proliferate rapidly. When you think of the food chain, the predators cannot consume them all because they are too many to be controlled. They are also smart that can easily escape the impending dangers. It is during the winter season that they come to your houses to seek shelter from the cold. So, this is the time of the year that you have to be alert. What is the most effective way on how to get squirrels out of your attic? There are several factors that you will check to keep them from entering your attic. Here are the best tips for Houston squirrel removal:
  • 1. Cut the branches of nearby trees. Check around your house if there are trees which have branches that connect to the roof. You have to cut them because they provide an easy access for the squirrels on entering your roof.
  • 2. Seal the holes. Check entry holes on the roof, walls and gutters. Seal them. Or you can place traps. There are traps that allow squirrels to enter and exit in the holes only once but they cannot re-enter again. Some traps will capture them right away. Important note: Use traps that are allowed in your state. You might get entangled with the wildlife violations. There are some states in the US consider squirrel traps as inhumane way of repelling animals. Know the state policies before installing one in your attic hole.
  • 3. Set high frequency repellants. This will work for six months or so. Eventually, the rodents will get used to the frequency and learn to live with it.
How to get squirrels out of your attic if there is a nest - As mentioned earlier, squirrels’ reproductive systems are very active. They increase in number in no time. What will you do it they are already nesting in your attic? You may:
  • 1. Place mothballs near the nest. This will prevent the mother to stay and invite more squirrels to reside in your place.
  • 2. Be patient. It takes 12 to 14 weeks for the baby squirrels to vacate their nest. During this time, exercise your patience. By the moment that they leave their cradles, you can cover the holes and prevent other squirrels to replace the nest.
  • 3. Clean the attic. Yes, you have to find time to clean and irradiate the smell of urine and droppings. The smell can invite other squirrels to get in and live. As much as possible, be meticulous in cleaning.
  • 4. Call Mr. Exterminator. You need professional help. Squirrels experts can help you save money from repairing damages. Do not consider asking professionals as waste of money because, they are your savior. Do not hesitate to tell them your problems and they will readily come to the rescue.
Things to maintain on how to get squirrels out of your attic - So, you have successfully got them out of your roof, your house and your life. Now, you wanted to keep it permanently that way. Here is what to do:
  • Remember that squirrels come back especially during cold season, maintain mothballs on places where you think, they will reside.
  • Turn off high frequency devices so that they do not learn to live it. Precedence is a big factor. Constancy made them evolved to adapt to their environment.
  • Always be on guard. Consistent protection is the best answer to keeping them permanently away.
  • Do not be afraid of squirrels. They know if you are scarred of them. Some people have a certain phobia to rodents. Overcome or be overcome. It’s a do or dies thing.
Houston squirrels are serious problems. They are agile and large in number. Be ready and be constant in repelling them. As long as they are around, do not get tired of maintaining your method of repelling them. Go back to the wildlife removal Houston home page.


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