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Rat Removal Houston Texas

Are you hearing scurrying and chewing in your attic? If you are hearing the noises at night there is a good chance you have Rats. Rats can fit into any hole about the size of a quarter and can chew any crack in non-metals into a hole. If you think you may have rats or mice in your home NEVER USE POISON or

How to plug rat holes in house -It is important to plug the rat holes in your house. This is the best prevention method and the first step if you have an infestation. All rats holes, at every level if the home, must be plugged. Rats are stubborn and adept chewers. Anything you use to plug a rat hole must be thick enough and strong enough to withstand chewing. Metal, stone, and thick pieces of wood are ideal. Rats can get through plastic, though any substance that is thick enough to discourage a rat after a few hours will be sufficient. If you are trying to fill an area that would be more suited to caulk or a liquid substance, try using mortar or a similar substance. Keep an eye on your newly-filled gaps to see if any rodents are attempting to get through them. Do not wait for the rats to make progress. Reseal the areas as often as needed until the animals move on to a different location. Rats will want to reclaim their territory, but they are also opportunistic animals that do not want to spend a lot of energy at one particular cause. It will not take long for them to lose interest and find a new location.


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Houston Rat Control Tips:
Rats tend to top the list when it comes to the most menacing and destructive animals. Because of their sheer numbers, and their ability to repopulate quickly, it is usually best to deal with a rat infestation as soon as you become aware of it. Failing to deal with the infestation quickly enough will result in damage of various parts of your home, as well as a spread of rat borne diseases. Rats, like most animals, cannot live with water, food and shelter. Cut this supply off and their numbers will slowly dwindle. Below are a few tips on how you can get rid of rats, as well as prevent them.

1. Protect Your Home and Storage Facilities - The first way to prevent rats from invading your home is to make repairs to any holes or gaps in and around the house. This is the best method of Houston rat removal. These gaps are often the source of rat infestations as they offer a way for them to get into your home. Because of the fact that rats are known to gnaw their way through almost anything, ensure you use the write material that they’ll find hard to chew through. The best options would be steel wool or gauge wire hardware cloth. Another material that rats find hard to chew through is green scrubber pads. If your doors have large gaps underneath you can have metal weather stripping to close the gaps. If you can get your hands on some, place used kitten waste matter outside suspicious holes. The smell of litter will prevent the rats from coming into your home.

2. Cut Off Their Food Supply - Rats will have a hard time living in your house if they do not have access to food. The best way you can prevent them from growing, or getting them to leave and look for new shelter elsewhere is by getting rid of all their food sources. If you have trash cans outside, ensure that you always leave them covered as opposed to leaving them open. If you have fruit trees on your property, then ensure you always pick ripe fruits as soon as it’s ready, and if there is anything rotten, use it as compost on the ground. Also, ensure that you feed your pets during the day, and if there is any leftover pet food, either keep it covered or throw it away. Also, avoid storing food in sheds, garages or outdoor storage rooms. Rats usually have an easy time of accessing such places. Furthermore, if you need to store food in such places, ensure that the containers are rat proof.

3. Use Traps Inside Your Home, Instead Of Poison - Ever had a hard time figuring out the source of a bad smell in the house? This is what may happen if you choose to use poison inside your home. The poison will take a while to work its way into the rat’s system and during this time the rat will have moved to a more hidden part of the house, where it will die. The smell emanating from it often spreads to the whole house, and you could spend a lot of money tearing your house apart trying to look for the dead rat. Use traps instead, as they can be placed in areas that you can see and have access to. The best places to put these traps are where you have seen rat droppings, or at the openings of holes. Ensure you have the traps checked once or twice a week.

4. Use Poison Bait Outside Your Home - It is best to avoid using poison inside your home for a number of reasons. Your child or pet can accidentally come into contact with it, which is dangerous. However, poison placed outside the home lessens the chances of this happening. Also, ensure that you place the poison in areas where you have seen rat droppings. These are often indicators of the areas that rats tend to frequent. Place the poison in dumpsters, or underneath heavy piles of vegetation. Once you find dead rats, it is best to place them in sealed plastic bags and throw them in the trash. We never use poison for our rat removal Houston projects. We do rat trapping, not Houston rat extermination.

5. Destroy Potential Habitats - If you have any trash lying around outside, collect it and get rid of it. Houston rats often find it hard to access areas that are elevated for at least 18 inches above the ground. Ensure that this is the measurement you use when storing logs of wood and other household items. Also, ensure that you keep your vegetation well trimmed to allow for light penetration.

6. Keep Your Kitchen Clean - Rats are drawn to food crumbs around your house. Ensure you practice proper hygiene methods such as wiping food crumbs after every meal and avoiding piling the dishes.

7. Get A Cat! - If you do not own one already, you should invest in one. Cats are surprisingly handy when it comes to getting rid of rats and preventing them from coming back. Go back to the wildlife removal Houston home page to learn more about rat removal in Houston TX.