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Bio: Opossum (Didelphis virginiana) grow to be about 10-14 lbs in the southern United States. Their life expectancy in the wild is only 2-3 years. These docile marsupials generally bread in January and their young are born in just 12 days! The tiny young will stay in their mothers pouch to grow and are often seen crawling all over mom. When the young are ready to go they fall off and mother just goes on her way. When a threat is presented they often times play dead and they will not move again (even if you pick them up) for about a half hour.

Nuisance: If you see a dead opossum leave it alone for about 45 minutes to be safe incase it is playing dead so you don't throw it in the trash can. They even emit a foul dead animal smell while playing dead to complete their act. When an opossum inhabits your home or business it becomes a nuisance. Sometimes they will enter your home through a dog or cat door to find food or shelter. No matter where they are living in your home they are making a nasty mess and need to be removed immediately! Call the Houston Wildlife Patrol and I will come right out to catch that opossum and repair any damage he or she has caused!

Mothballs in opossum hole – what’s the story? - When you look online for information on how to get rid of opossums, one of the first things that you will normally come across is to use moth balls. Although this has been said to have some positive benefits in getting rid of the wild animals, there is no guarantee that it will actually work, and it is well worth remembering a few things before you rush to the store to buy some.

Firstly, buying moth balls over a long period of time is not only going to be a very frustrating experience, but could prove to be a rather costly one. Admittedly, one box of moth balls won’t break the bank, but by the time that you have realized that the balls aren’t exactly working, you will probably already have invested a fair bit of money, especially when you take into consideration how many times you will have to replace them and how many you will need to use in order for them to become “effective”

Secondly, moth balls are designed to keep the opossums away because they don’t like the smell. Can you really see this working when the animal practically lives in its own filth?

Lastly, the smell factor is something that is likely to wear thin on the opossum very fast. Let’s say that the opossum had been successfully evicted from a couple of different houses before it found a new home in yours – there is a good chance that they could have used moth balls and the animal would not be somewhat immune to the smell.


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